No Dress Codez!

“No Dress Codez” is a Mixtape that was made as a promotional tool for both Tre Pop Tees and all of the great Hip Hop talent from Tulsa Oklahoma.  Jason “Jayzo” Jamison from Pyrric Productions and also owner of Tre Pop Tees headed this project.  As a Hip Hop producer himself, his goal was to create the “sound” of Tre Pop tees.


We wanted to create something you would listen to while going out hitting clubs and parties.  He teamed up with the best artists and producers in Town and they collaborated to create something unique.  To put the finishing touches on “No Dress Codez”, we got one of the best DJS in the region to host the project - DJ Bigg Rich from “Black Wall Street DJS.”


With over 20 tracks on Volume I, “No Dress Codez” represents a great example of the diversity and creativity of Tulsa Hip Hop and what we have to look forward to in the future from this region.  There are several different producers and artist all coming together to represent Tre Pop Tees and Tulsa Oklahoma.


Check out the track listing and liner information to get a full rundown of everyone who came through and showed our company love!


Be on the look out for Volume 2 which is dropping spring 14’



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